Wedding Look

Nurberxo, a youtube beauty guru expert extradinaire whose youtube video “Matte Navy Smoky Blue Eyes” was the inspiration for this look.


Let me start by saying that if you love this look, you can do it too.  I am a super, super beginner beginner (one beginner is not enough) when it comes to mineral eyeshadow.  It can get really messy (as in, all over your face messy) because it is a completely loose powder.  The benefits, however, far exceed the messiness.  Most mineral eyeshadows are free of preservatives (like parabens) and chemicals that help keep the eyeshadow all perfect and together.  They are also extremely pigmented!

Matte Navy Look

One big hints from Nur’s tutorial really helped me.  I used Shadow Poxy.  It is a different brand than the one that Nur recommended, but it still worked extremely well.  It helped the mineral eyeshadow to stick, and it practically shined!  I applied it after my primer and before the mineral eyeshadow.


I also added a very thin line of white eyeliner above my black liner in this look, I think it helped make my eyes seem wide and helped the whole look to pop!


What do you think? Have you ever worn mineral eyeshadow? Which color would you start with?

Makeup Monday

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2 comments on “Wedding Look
  1. Rhonda Shannon says:

    I like it.


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