5 Beach Day Game-Changers

You may have noticed that the Quotation Marks store is on vacation right now, and believe me, we are taking advantage of it!  Don’t worry, we’ll be back in August! And in the meantime, you can follow along on our vacation adventures on instagram!

5 Beach Day Game-Changers


This Hat

This hat was definitely a game-changer when I went to the beach last weekend.  My face didn’t get burnt and I was able to read and sleep without the sun shining on my face. It also makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn, which is always a plus.  I got this monogrammed hat from an amazing shop on Etsy- stop by and get one of your own!



An Outdoor Blanket

Let’s not mess around with beach towels.  You might as well plop yourself right on the sand and roll around.  Outdoor blankets are amazing because most of them are waterproof on one side and nice and soft on the other.  This huge 6′ x 6′ blanket is from Lands End.



Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

There is nothing worse than covering yourself in sunblock all day just to realize that your lips are sunburned.  These little beauties are SPF 15 and also add a tint to your lips without looking like you’ve tried too hard.  You can order these from Sephora.


An E-Reader

Although it is slightly endearing to fill your books with sand and leave salty wet fingerprints on every page, it is also annoying.  I bring my nook with me- it doesn’t have a glare, and I can peruse my book from the safety of underneath my hat brim.  Get your nook from Barnes and Noble.



This Pillow

Last but certainly not least, get this pillow! I cannot exaggerate enough what a game-changer it is.  I use it to lay on my stomach and back and it can be folded every which way to make your sunbathing perfectly comfortable.  I got mine from CVS.


What are your beach day game-changers?  Have you tried any of the 5 listed here?

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One comment on “5 Beach Day Game-Changers
  1. Rhonda Shannon says:

    I may need to borrow that pillow to see if it will work in plane.

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