Mila Rose Designs

This is how excited I am to tell you about Mila Rose Designs.


Mila Rose Designs is a line of beautiful headbands, turbans, and hair scarves made by my new blogger friend, Melis.  In the past, whenever I heard a blogger talking about Mila Rose Designs, they always use the word obsessed.

And now I understand why.



This headband is the perfect combination of sweet and sass.  It brightens my day up a little every time I wear it (and I’ve owned it for 5 days, and worn it 5 times)…


I am wearing the Payton in this picture.  A few of my other favorites are the floral crowns and the two toned turbans.

And last but not least, a sneak peek of one of the new scarf writing colors!


Click the image to go to our script scarf store!

On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are YOU with Mila Rose Designs after seeing this amazing headband?

If you would like to be nosy and see the makeup I’m wearing, check my post from yesterday 😉

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2 comments on “Mila Rose Designs
  1. agapelovedesigns says:

    I love MRD! You look absolutely gorgeous!

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