Top 5 Beauty Pet Peeves: Too Much Blush

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Makeup Monday

I have brainstormed and come up with the top 5 things that count for a no-good, very bad makeup day.  Stay tuned for the rest of this five part series!


Too Much Blush


This happens to everyone.  In fact, it happens to the best of them: I can’t tell you the number of beauty bloggers who suffer from my #2 pet peeve.    Remember, makeup is supposed to be subtle, so if someone tells you they love your blush, you probably have too much blush on!

The cause: wrong color blush; too much blush (duh); wrong brush

The solutions:

a. Make sure your blush is the right color.  I have found that there are a lot of blushes out there that look absolutely beautiful… until you put it on and realize it just doesn’t work!   Remember, you never want your blush to exactly match your eyeshadow or lipstick, you want it to compliment it! For example, Nars has some beautiful colors that look a little bit silly on me.  s636779-main-hero

Try to pick something subtle.  Different skin tones will find different shades that look best on them (bright red, maroon, pink, peach). Some people also use bronzers as blush, or choose blushes more in the brown family.  I’ve found a more peachy color works best on me. If you go into a makeup store like Sephora, you can try blush on all day long and find which color works for you.  Personally, I use this shade of Nars or TheBalm’s Hot Mama.    I also love Benetint by Benefit.

b. Apply and blend!  Some blush, even that crazy red blush up above, can work if blended and applied well.   Start by smiling at yourself in the mirror and find the apples of your cheeks.  This area, right above your cheekbones, is where you will want to apply the blush.  You can apply using a circle or an x.  I also use bronzer right below my cheekbone to contour and make my cheekbones look even awesome-er (yep, it’s a word).    After contouring and applying blush, use a kabuki brush to blend it all in.  The blending step is key for me, and might be the #1 solution to the “too much blush” problem!

Have you ever suffered from too much blush?  Which blush is your favorite?  What are your beauty pet peeves?

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One comment on “Top 5 Beauty Pet Peeves: Too Much Blush
  1. I used to never wear blush until just a couple years ago. I was so afraid of it! Of looking clownish or having too much. But then my sister gave me some, and I decided to give it a go. Now I love it! But yes, making sure not to use too much, and that it looks natural is KEY! 🙂 Im loving this little series you have going on!

    Thanks for being a loyal supporter of Makeup Monday! 🙂

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