Winter Must-Haves

I am trying something new today! I am linking up for Makeup Monday.  Since this blog is usually mainly full of quotes and scarves, I’d love to know how you like this post.  Does it interest you? Was it helpful?
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Makeup Monday

Without further ado, here are my Winter Must-Haves.  And by the way, I always hate when bloggers post things from Polyvore that cost $648 and that they obviously do not own.  Everything below you can find right on my bureau or in my pocketbook at all times :).

Winter Must-haves

Everyone needs some toasty gloves for the winter! It also helps my hands not to get as dry as usual!

I have been on a Clinique kick lately, and “dark honey” is the best lipbalm ever! It hydrates but also adds a really subtle color.  This is in my purse at all times!

I swear by this moisturizer.  Every winter I have dry skin that looks kind of awful and scaly under makeup (don’t judge, it’s happened to you too).  This winter that dry skin has not been a problem ONCE and  it’s 100% because of this moisturizer.

You can find this at Sephora for a whopping $7.  It’s so worth it.  Smells delicious and works like a dream.

This is my favorite all-over moisturizer.  It smells clean and feels great! I also keep a mini with me in my purse for the aforemenioned dry hands!

My friend Kelly who is my makeup guru extraordinaire turned me on to this. Hydrocortizone targets those super dry, patchy spots that sometimes appear on your face or body.  They disappear in a day!

A script scarf is a must-have, duh ;).  Stay warm and look great at the same time!

This undereye cream goes on at night and works for me year round!

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