Quotation Marks Timeline: 2012

Here is the story of Quotation Marks, the tiny little etsy shop with big dreams!

May 2012

Quotation Marks etsy opens online!

Mom buys a scarf.

Thanks Mom!



June 2012

Aunts, cousins, family, and friends buy scarves in support of my new little shop. This is the month when I realize that I’m going to have to get used to scarves laying on every surface in the house ;).


This is also the month of the very first Quotation Marks photoshoot, complete with the largest dog ever.


And I sponsor my very first blog: Eccentric Owl.


July 2012

Quotation Marks travels to Greece, Cape Cod, and begins selling all over the country!


August 2012

Quotation Marks begins expanding, with scarves sold in the Red Dress and at the Ashland Farmer’s Market!

Farmer's Market

September 2012

This is the month when the Shakespeare and Peter Pan scarves start selling like crazy, with lots of Shakespeare scarves in particular heading to the UK!


October 2012

Shop explosion! All previous sales records are smashed.  This is also the month where our Pinterest board, “Your New Favorite Quotes,” starts going crazy!


November 2012

Quotation Marks sells more than 100 scarves, including a large (really fun!) order for Kindermusik!


This is also the month where the Peter Pan script scarf was featured in Etsy finds!  November was the month that made me start to dream big!


December 2012

Quotation Marks hits 100 sales… and then 177!! 

Christmas Scarves

My house became a scarf factory, and the days leading up to the holidays were filled with beautiful quotes treasured by people all around the world!

There will be a Christmas post soon with lots of pictures of the holiday season!

January 2013

There is a LOT happening at Quotation Marks this January… here are a few updates!

1. Quotation Marks is bringing on a new Business Manager.  I interviewed all over the world and coincidentally, the best, most qualified, most attractive person for the job was my husband, Erik.

Model Rose (my sister) and Erik

Model Rose (my sister) and Erik

3. And speaking of model Rose…the Carrying Your Heart script scarf will be featured on a magazine’s website in a Valentine’s Day gift guide!  (Magazine will be revealed later, silly)


Where in the story did you meet Quotation Marks? Whether way back in May or just this minute, you are welcome and I’m so glad you’re here! Please browse our shop or blog and leave a comment!

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