Custom Script Scarf: 30 scarves

I always love sharing special custom orders on my blog.  I loved sharing the scarf I made for Emily, the bride, or Sarah, who designed scarves for her entire wedding party.  But I have to say, this order is EXTRA special.

Did you know my mother is a K-4 teacher?  Or that my mother-in-law is a music teacher for pre-schoolers? This means that I get to hear stories about adorable 4 year olds all the time, but it also means that I have a HUGE appreciation for people who choose to pour into the lives of children!  I know how hard and important this work can be.

Imagine then how excited I was to receive a custom order to make 30 scarves for Kindermusik International!  At a Kindermusik conference, many of the women who dedicate their time to working with young children were given a scarf to thank them for their efforts.

By the way, that’s my husband in the photo… he’s the only one with the “wingspan” large enough to hold it open ;).

Each scarf was very unique and custom designed by Kindermusik.  Notice the pink (coming this February!) and the vertical writing near the fringes!  They looked amazing!

I made every single scarf with so much love, wondering “Which teacher will be wearing this one?”

You can only guess how happy I was to receive this picture.  The smiles on their faces say it all!

I’d love to hear what you think about my latest custom project :).  Now I’m off to make a custom order for a wedding party, secretly ordered by the groom!

— If you are interested in ordering your own custom scarf for you or a group, please visit my etsy shop or contact me a quotationmarks1 [at] gmail [dot] com! —

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