Meet Farrell

Hi, I’m Farrell of Quotation Marks.


So far, all you really know about me is that I make scarves and I have really pretty friends that I force to happily model them for me!  I wanted to tell you a little more about the story behind how I started Quotation Marks, and officially introduce myself.

I started Quotation Marks because I was on the hunt for the perfect present.  It felt impossible to come by: expensive presents felt meaningless, and meaningful presents felt cheap and small!

Last Christmas, I made script scarves for my best friends and family, and I knew I had found the perfect gift! The script scarves are meaningful, articulate, beautiful, and don’t break the bank.


Since I have started Quotation Marks, scarves have been purchased for newborn babies, brides, bridesmaids, those in mourning, and everyone in between.

The scarves can say anything you want- “It’s ok if life is hard right now,” “God loves you,” “I love you!” or “I know you.

They aren’t always presents, though… I’ll admit, I have kept quite a few scarves for myself! 😉


With personalized scarves the sky is the limit! Most people chose one color for their quote, but you can also colorblock two colors,ask me to write in print instead of cursive, write vertically instead of horizontally…. you can do anything you can imagine!

I also had one customer ask for a baby blanket, and we made it work! I want to hear all the amazing ideas you have about your custom order.

I love wrapping up in my favorite words. If you feel the same, check out my etsy shop or send me an email today at quotationmarks1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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2 comments on “Meet Farrell
  1. lezoemusings says:

    So cute!! Best, Kellie

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