Summers End Secrets

Shhh… don’t tell! Here are some Quotation Marks secrets for friends, family, and followers.


In the past month, I won ad spaces with Mom2MemphisandRuby AND ArtsyAnthro.

There have been several ads since Quotation Marks started- which one is your favorite? Head on over to the blogs and show some love!


There is now a discount available for purchases of 3 or more scarves.

Send me an email at for more information.


On Monday, August 27th, there will be a giveaway: a custom script scarf or a custom baby blanket will go to the winner!

Keep your eye on this blog! You won’t want to miss the giveaway (and in the meantime, you won’t want to miss pictures of Lena’s adorable kids).


On August 22nd, a whole new line of personalized baby blankets will go on sale!

There are only a few available this first round of sales, so if you have a baby in your life, make sure you’re ready for it!


On August 26th, three new script scarf colors will be introduced!

No, I can’t tell you which three colors… a girl needs to keep SOME secrets.

Which secret are you most excited about? And what colors are you hoping you’ll see on August 26th?

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