Oh my god, Karen. You can’t just ask people why they’re artists.


This Week’s Theme: Black and White

When I went to grad school orientation, we did a little activity.  In order to get to know each other better, the instructor would read out a descriptor, and anyone who felt it fit them would stand up.  It was simple when she read “stand if you have a cat” or “stand if you have any siblings.”  But then came a tough one.

“Stand if you’re an artist.”

I gulped and felt the question hang in the air.  The silence asked me “well, are you an artist, or aren’t you?” I waited (for what felt like 20 minutes) and then I stood up.  Another woman stood up after me, and we smiled at each other, knowing that asking an artist if they’re an artist is not a simple question.

“Why are you artists?” The instructor asked.

*why they’re artists

This is a bit how I feel about linking up with a photographer.  But the linkup hostesses are so kind, welcoming, and assuring that even people like me, who like to photograph my friends in scarves that I’ve made, can link up.  I hope you join.

If you were asked if you were an artist, would you stand up?

(don’t worry, I won’t ask you why)

If you like my scarves, visit my etsy shop!

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